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Pangea is a strategically positioned specialist commercial advisory practice

Formation of Pangea

Established in 2014, post an involvement of more than 15 years, within a globally recognized owner organization in the petrochem sector, A clear need was identified in the space of professional service offerings to support role players in infrastructure development, water processing, petrochem, power generation, and mining sectors.

This nescessity was further flanked by a clear need for a synergistic consolidation of key project disciplines, which are often fragmented and dealt with within silos in various owner organisations. This need spawned the birth of Pangea Professional Services. Pangea has anchored itself within the African construction, mining, and engineering sectors as a multi-disciplinary professional services practice, providing acute commercial and project related services, principally to employer organisations today.

Our Vision:

To be the leader on the African continent, delivering multi-disciplinary, innovative professional services with unquestionable integrity and commitment to; the infrastructure, water processing, petrochem, power generation, and mining sectors.


  • Deliver through specialist, objective, highly qualified and trustworthy professionals
  • Design and implement pro-active commercial and project risk management systems
  • Develop strong long-lasting relationships to deliver ongoing value.

Geographical Footprint

Headquarters in Sandton, South Africa:

Situated in the business hub of Johannesburg, All Pangea’s operations are controlled and managed from this central point.

Branch Office In Secunda, South Africa:

This office offers a support function to clients such as Sasol, and the mining operations in the surrounding areas. We have identified opportunities in Secunda and have strategically placed professionals readily available for our current clients, as well as future clients urgent requirements.

Incorporated Company In Maputo, Mozambique:

Pangea have expanded into Mozambique due to the substantial mineral and natural gas opportunities Mozambique has to offer. We have strategically positioned our company to provide professional advisory services to the ever growing companies within Mozambique.

Some of our Partners

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